Turner Lab Group

Turner Lab Group 2023
Turner Lab Group 2023: Alli Kneisel, Lucy McGuire, Timon Keller, Monica Turner, Arielle Link, Seth Spawn-Lee, Nathan Kiel, and Garrett Knowlton

Current Lab Members

Monica G. Turner

Credentials: Eugene P. Odum Professor of Ecology

Phone: turnermg @

Nathan Kiel

Credentials: PhD Student 2019 - Present

Phone: nkiel @

Timon Keller

Credentials: PhD Student 2021 - Present

Phone: ttkeller @

Arielle Link

Credentials: PhD Student 2021 - Present

Phone: aclink @

Alli Kneisel

Credentials: PhD Student 2022 - Present

Phone: ankneisel @

Garrett Knowlton

Credentials: MS Student 2022 - Present

Phone: gjknowlton @

Seth Spawn-Lee

Credentials: Postdoc 2023 - Present

Phone: spawn @

Lucy McGuire

Credentials: Post-Graduate Research Intern 2023 - Present

Phone: ltmcguire @

The Turner Lab Bucky Award

Credentials: The Turner Lab Bucky Award celebrates manuscript submissions - the key step to publishing!

Turner Lab Legacies : words of wisdom passed on from lab alumni to current lab members

Lab Alumni