Eileen Mavencamp

Credentials: Undergraduate Researcher 2021 - Present

Phone: emavencamp @ wisc.edu

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Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

I am interested in the landscape and community-level processes and their responses to fire and other disturbances, as well as restoration efficacy and implementation in natural and urban areas.

Current Projects

I am working on a senior thesis project quantifying the C stocks within sparsely recovered post-fire subalpine forests of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Personal Interests

Many of the activities I enjoy come from my love of the outdoors. I can often be found running, kayaking, or buying more plants in my free time, and I take any opportunity to travel to a new place to go backpacking. I also enjoy cooking, photography, and playing rugby for the UW-Madison club team.

Contact Information

434 Birge Hall
430 Lincoln Drive
Madison, WI 53706

e-mail: emavencamp @ wisc.edu